Corelight extends open NDR platform with new software sensor - IT Security  GuruIn the ever-expanding realm of cybersecurity, where the shadows of potential threats grow longer each day, Hera Group emerges as a bastion of innovation and resilience. As a distinguished technology solutions provider in South Africa, our steadfast commitment to fortifying digital defenses finds its zenith in our strategic collaboration with Corelight, a global leader in network security solutions.

Hera Group’s unwavering mission revolves around the belief that cybersecurity is not merely a requirement but an ongoing expedition, demanding continuous innovation and adaptability. Our dedication to empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital era stands tall in our alliance with Corelight. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to delivering advanced, pragmatic, and proactive solutions that equip businesses to not only combat but conquer the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats.

Corelight | Garland Technology PartnerUnveiling Corelight’s Innovative Network Security Solutions

Corelight Network Sensor: At the heart of Corelight’s revolutionary offerings is the Corelight Network Sensor, a potent solution designed to provide unparalleled visibility into network traffic. This sophisticated sensor captures, processes, and organizes network data, delivering comprehensive insights that enable security teams to detect and respond to threats with unmatched precision.

Zeek (formerly Bro) Integration: Corelight’s solutions are built upon the open-source Zeek (formerly Bro) framework, a powerful tool for network security monitoring and analysis. The seamless integration of Zeek into Corelight’s offerings ensures that organizations benefit from the rich ecosystem of Zeek’s scripting language and community contributions.

Cloud & Network Visibility Solution | CorelightThreat Intelligence Feeds: Corelight enriches network data with threat intelligence feeds, enhancing its analysis capabilities. This integration allows organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats by correlating network activity with real-time threat intelligence, ensuring a proactive and responsive security posture.

Advanced Protocol Analysis: Corelight’s Network Sensor excels in advanced protocol analysis, dissecting network traffic at the protocol level. This granular visibility empowers organizations to identify anomalous behavior, potential security risks, and sophisticated attacks that may otherwise go unnoticed.

As a trusted Corelight partner, Hera Group is committed to tailoring these advanced solutions to the unique requirements of our clients. Our team of cybersecurity experts collaborates closely with organizations, providing in-depth assessments, strategic implementations, and ongoing support to ensure the seamless integration of Corelight’s technologies into existing security frameworks.

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