Cymulate - iOCODesigned for companies that want to manage their security posture against the evolving threat landscape. Cymulate‘s SaaS-based platform deploys within an hour, enabling security professionals to continuously challenge, validate and optimize their cybersecurity posture end-to-end across the MITRE ATT&CK® framework. The platform provides threat intelligence-led risk assessments that are simple to deploy out-of-the-box, and for all maturity levels.

It also provides an open framework to create and automate red and purple teaming by generating penetration scenarios and advanced attack campaigns tailored to their unique environments and security policies.

Cymulate | LAC Co., Ltd.Reporting and Analytics

Cymulate provides detailed reports and analytics to help organizations track their security performance over time and make informed decisions for security enhancement.

Security Testing and Validation

Cymulate’s platform offers a library of threat simulations and attack scenarios that organizations can use to continuously test and validate their security posture. This helps organizations identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their security controls and improve their overall security readiness.

Threat Intelligence Integration

Cymulate integrates with threat intelligence feeds to provide organizations with up-to-date information on emerging threats and attack techniques, allowing them to assess their ability to defend against real-world cyber threats.

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Data Exfiltration Assessment

Data breaches can have a significant impact on an organization’s reputation and finances. Cymulate’s data exfiltration assessment evaluates how well your security solutions prevent critical data extraction. The platform tests data outbound flows, including personally identifiable, medical, financial, and confidential information. Assessment results are presented in a comprehensible report, with mitigation recommendations based on the threat type and phase.

Endpoint Assessment

Organizations employ various security measures, including antivirus, antispyware, and behavioral detection, to protect endpoints. However, security measures sometimes fall short. Cymulate’s endpoint assessment allows organizations to safely deploy real ransomware, Trojans, worms, and viruses on dedicated endpoints to evaluate the effectiveness of security products in safeguarding against the latest attack methods.

Email Security Assessment

Cymulate’s email assessment evaluates your organization’s email security and susceptibility to various malicious payloads delivered via email. This assessment identifies critical vulnerabilities within your email security framework. By sending test emails containing threats like ransomware, worms, Trojans, or links to malicious websites, it gauges whether these emails can bypass your organization’s initial defense mechanisms and reach your employees. Following the assessment, you can test your employees’ security awareness when it comes to recognizing socially engineered emails that attempt to trick them into opening malicious attachments, revealing credentials, or clicking on harmful links.

Immediate Threat Assessment

Cymulate’s immediate threat assessment solution is designed to swiftly inform and assess your organization’s security posture against the most recent and imminent threats. Developed by Cymulate’s Research Team, these simulations analyze the latest cyber threats. By running these simulations, you can validate your organization’s vulnerability to these emerging threats and take preemptive measures before potential attacks occur.

Lateral Movement Assessment

After a breach, attackers often attempt lateral movement within an organization’s Windows Domain Network. Cymulate’s Hopper assessment simulates a compromised workstation within your organization to uncover potential risks posed by cyberattacks. Various techniques are used to test lateral movement inside the network. The assessment identifies threats and provides mitigation recommendations based on the attack type and phase.

Phishing Assessment

Cymulate’s phishing awareness solution assesses your employees’ security awareness by simulating phishing campaigns. It aims to detect weak links in your organization to reduce the risk of spear-phishing, ransomware, CEO fraud, and data breaches. The assessment includes various techniques such as spear-phishing using different templates and payloads like links, attachments, and credential theft to identify vulnerabilities in your organization’s security awareness.

Web Gateway Assessment

Cymulate’s Web Gateway assessment analyzes your organization’s exposure to malicious or compromised websites when using common HTTP/HTTPS protocols. It allows you to verify your organization’s vulnerability to a continually expanding database of malicious and compromised websites.

Web Application Assessment

Web applications have become pivotal in business operations, including mobile apps, SaaS apps, and cloud-delivered solutions. Organizations often rely on Web Application Firewalls (WAF) to protect their web apps. However, cybercriminals can easily find automated attack tools online, allowing them to target web applications with ease.

With Cymulate’s WAF assessment, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your WAF configuration, implementation, and features in blocking threats before they reach your web applications. The platform simulates attackers attempting to bypass your organization’s WAF and gain access to web applications to carry out malicious actions such as data theft, damage, and redirection to infected websites.