logoMorphisec provides prevention-first security against the most advanced threats to stop the attacks that others don’t, from endpoint to the cloud. Morphisec’s software is powered by Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) technology, the next evolution of cybersecurity. AMTD stops ransomware, supply chain attacks, zero-days, and other advanced attacks. Gartner® research shows that AMTD is the future of cyber. AMTD provides an ultra-lightweight,Defense-in-Depth security layer to augment solutions like NGAV, EPP and EDR/XDR. We close their runtime memory security gap against the undetectable cyberattacks with no performance impact or extra staff needed. Over 5,000 organizations trust Morphisec to protect nine million Windows and Linux servers, workloads, and endpoints. Morphisec stops thousands of advanced attacks daily at Lenovo, Motorola, TruGreen, Covenant Health, Citizens Medical Center, and many more.


The Best Prevention-First Security

Morphisec for Windows Endpoints is the only solution designed to protect critical applications from the advanced threats that evade detection-based solutions. All without the need for prior knowledge.
  • Morphisec proactively prevents evasive threats that bypass today’s AV, EDR and EPP solutions
  • Save time and resources — no investigation, threat hunting or pursuit of thousands of false positives
  • Zero trust at runtime means evasive threats can’t gain persistence in corporate systems
Morphisec Guard dashboard

Making Breach Prevention Easy for Everyone

From the 5-person IT team in Muncie, Indiana, to the 50-person SOC in New York City, Morphisec makes it easy to prevent breaches on critical endpoints. Our patented Moving Target Defense technology automatically blocks attacks, preventing breaches.

  • Morphisec doesn’t need to detect an attack in progress; evasive actions trigger an automatic block
  • Customers can save 30% or more on their current endpoint security spend, with better protection for their money
  • Morphisec provides deep visibility into and control over Windows 10/11 native security — the best signature-based security solution on the market today
Morphisec Guard Threat Graph

Hear From Our Customers

Towne Properties uses Morphisec for Windows Endpoints to streamline their endpoint security and make the best use of their limited resources.

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Extending Zero Trust to the Endpoint

Morphisec extends the power of zero trust to the endpoint, protecting customers from damaging attacks like Kaseya and SolarWinds without prior knowledge. Our solution costs 30% less than the competition and minimizes your attack surface. Morphisec customers sleep better at night knowing they’re protected.

  • Protects virtual and physical endpoints against supply chain attacks and other in-memory threats
  • Morphisec prevents over 15k attacks a day, the same attacks that regularly bypass the most common endpoint tools
  • Prevent breaches with a smaller security stack for a true defense-in-depth approach
Blocked Attack

Moving Target Defense + Zero Trust

Read our guide to the Ultimate Ransomware Strategy to learn how to leverage Moving Target Defense to combat ransomware.

Gartner Report

Complimentary Gartner AMTD Report

Get complimentary access to the new Gartner report on tech innovators in Automated Moving Target Defense.

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Morphisec for Windows Endpoints

See how Morphisec protects your Windows endpoints from advanced attacks while improving operational efficiency.

Morphisec + EDR = Better Together

Morphisec seamlessly integrates with Microsoft DefenderCrowdStrikeSentinelOne and more, enabling evolution to a prevention-first strategy to preemptively stop advanced attacks – no performance impact and no need for additional staff.

Incident Response Services

The Morphisec Incident Response team works collaboratively with client organizations to triage critical security incidents and conduct forensic analysis to solve immediate cyberattacks as well as provide recommendations for reducing your organization’s risk exposure.

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