StorONE Proves NVMe-oF is a Feature - Not a Product - StorONESecur, a trailblazer in security and services, headquartered in South Africa with operations spanning 18 African countries, proudly announces its partnership with StorONE. This collaboration is set to enhance data storage solutions across Africa, leveraging StorONE’s innovative technology to meet the continent’s growing data management needs.

Innovative Data Solutions from StorONE:

StorONE is at the forefront of storage innovation, offering solutions that redefine efficiency and reliability in data management:

Total Resource Utilization (TRU™)

StorONE’s TRU™ technology maximizes the potential of storage hardware, delivering unparalleled efficiency and reducing operational costs.

S1-solar-systemEnterprise Storage Platform

This platform offers a unified solution for file, block, and object storage, simplifying data management while ensuring high performance.


StorONE’s S1:Backup simplifies and accelerates the backup process, transforming how data is protected with direct backup to storage.

All-Flash (

Combining the performance of all-flash storage with the cost-efficiency of traditional hard drives, the represents the next level in high-speed, economical data storage solutions.


With StorONE’s vRAID, users benefit from the fastest drive rebuilds, minimizing the window of vulnerability and ensuring data integrity.


Incorporating StorONE’s advanced storage technologies, Secur is poised to empower African businesses with secure, scalable, and cost-effective data storage options.

While Secur’s foundation is in South Africa, its offerings encompass the entire African continent. Our commitment is to ensure that every African business, regardless of location, has access to the most advanced security and service solutions, including those offered by StorONE.

Secur’s partnership with StorONE is championed by a team of highly qualified professionals, each bringing a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the table. Our specialists are dedicated to integrating StorONE’s state-of-the-art storage solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by our clients, ensuring a seamless and efficient service delivery that stands out in the African market.