Hera Group, born in the vibrant landscape of South Africa, leads the charge in providing cutting-edge Managed Network Operations Center (NOC) services. Operating seamlessly across 18 African countries, Hera Group is dedicated to ensuring the uninterrupted functionality and security of your digital infrastructure.

With a focus on the unique cybersecurity challenges prevalent in each region, Hera Group operates in 18 countries across Africa. Our extensive footprint allows us to deliver tailored, localized solutions while drawing upon the collective expertise of our certified professionals.

Hera Group’s Managed NOC services redefine the paradigm of network operations, ensuring the continuous health and security of your digital infrastructure. With a commitment to excellence, we leverage state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to deliver unparalleled NOC services.

Network Operations Center – OculusITKey features of Hera Group’s Managed NOC services include:

  • Proactive Monitoring: Our NOC experts vigilantly monitor your network 24/7, identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the continuous availability and performance of your systems.
  • Incident Response: In the event of a network incident, our certified personnel respond promptly, employing best practices and industry standards to mitigate the impact and restore normal operations swiftly.
  • Performance Optimization: Hera Group’s Managed NOC services go beyond incident response. We continuously optimize your network’s performance, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and scalability to meet the evolving demands of your business.
  • Security Integration: Security is at the core of our operations. Hera Group seamlessly integrates security measures into our NOC services, ensuring that your network is not only operational but also fortified against evolving cyber threats.

Our managed network operations centre solutions include the following services:

• 24/7 Firewall Management – Firewalls (Cisco, Meraki, Palo Alto, Check Point, Fortinet, F5)
• IPS/IDS (SourceFire, FirePower, Palo Alto, Check Point)
• Networking infrastructure (Switching, Routing)
• Cloud-based Multi-factor authentication (SafeNet)
• PCI Environment Managed Service (Patching, Vulnerability Management, IPS)
• Access to highly trained network management specialists
• Device-tuning according to specific network and organisation requirements
• Threats prevented through effective perimeter and internal security practices
• Monthly or Quarterly Custom Management and Service Delivery Management Reporting
• The option to align your service with LRQA Nettitude’s SOC Monitor Service

At Hera Group, our success is rooted in our people. A team of certified professionals, holding esteemed credentials from CREST, CompTIA, ISACA, EC Council, and SANS, forms the backbone of our operations. This wealth of expertise enables us to provide proactive and adaptive solutions, staying one step ahead of the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Partner with Hera Group to elevate your organization’s network operations. Our Managed NOC services provide a proactive and adaptive approach, allowing you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence while focusing on your core business objectives.

Contact us today to embark on a journey towards a secure, resilient, and digitally empowered future.