NETSCOUT Adaptive DDoS Protection Strategy leverages a robust, always-on, on-premises solution specifically designed to automatically identify and neutralize all types of DDoS attacks against enterprises and service providers. Adapting to the escalating intensity and complexity of cyber threats ensures unimpeded access to your business-critical services. This strategy incorporates intelligent systems that swiftly detect and counteract threats, preventing potential disruptions before they affect the availability and performance of your vital network infrastructure. This proactive approach provides a robust shield, ensuring your enterprise is always protected against evolving cyber threats.

Although traditional cloud-based DDoS protection solutions, including those provided by ISPs or CDNs, are designed to stop large volumetric DDoS attacks, they struggle to eliminate other types of DDoS attacks designed to evade their efforts.  Cloud-based mitigation is an augmentation of on-premises protection. On-premises DDoS attack protection has capabilities intended to identify and mitigate those attacks designed to circumvent cloud-based solutions.

What’s more, due to the dynamic, multi-vector nature of the modern-day DDoS attack, the Best Practice is to employ both on-premises and a cloud solution with an intelligent and automated integration that offers a dynamic adaptable DDoS protection.

The Internet, ISP Backbone, and On-Prem Inline

An On-Premises Adaptive DDoS Protection Solution Should be a Priority

Industry analysts are coming to grips with the fact that due to today’s growing frequency and dynamic nature of DDoS attacks, the need for a multilayer, adaptable DDoS protection strategy is now a requirement. Furthermore, due to the creation of new attack vectors like Adaptive DDoS Attack, which change vectors based on the defense that is presented, the need for On-Premises DDoS attack mitigation real-time in-line attack analysis a priority.